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Top-performing Laser Die Cutting Machines

Discover the hybrid capabilities of Industrial Laser Solutions. Integrated with Rotary Die Cutting machines we offer the best of both worlds to meet the most demanding challenges.
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Laser Die Cutting machines are an innovative tool for cutting a wide variety of materials. Laser processing offers a unique alternative to conventional methods since lasers are a non-contact, clean process.

Take your projects to the next level

Our Laser Die Cutting Machines can operate in continuous or step motion and have vision registration for automatic cutting correction. They have custom built laser control software so that can adapt to any laser different brands.

Precision and accuracy

Using Laser Due Cutting Machines ensure that each cut is clean, precise, and consistent, regardless of the material or design complexity.

High Versatility

Can cut a wide range of materials, which makes them makes them a popular choice for many industries, including packaging, automotive, aerospace, and apparel.

Speed and efficiency

Laser die cutting machines allows to complete projects faster with no need of manual intervention and minimizing risk of mistakes.

Reduce cost

Laser die cutting machines require less maintenance and can handle larger volumes of materials, reducing labour costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Learn more about laser cut

Watch the video to see laser cut on-the-fly for thick mylar and foams. Hoaco’s team is ready to meet the demands of your business and adapt our laser die cutting machine to your needs.

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A full range of options to reach your goals

Types of Laser Die Cuts:
  • Ablation
  • Kiss Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Slitting
  • Perforation
  • Through cuts and slug removal
  • Scoring
  • Reject Marking
  • Scribing & Sequential Numbering
Material that could be laser cut:
  • PSA, Polyester, paper, abrasives, cork, foam, rubber, neoprene, silicone, PU, PE, PET, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene
  • Thin foil, metal
  • Abrasives, adhesives, fabric, paper, plastic, rubber, textiles
  • Reject Marking
  • Scribing & Sequential Numbering

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Our flagship high-precision multi-stations Rotary Die Cutting (RDC) machines have served manufacturing customers with excellence in diverse industries. Today, HOACO is the unrivaled top supplier of rotary die cutting machines overseas.

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