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Printing Cylinders

Unveil the superior quality tools designed for flexographic printing.
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Operate with unparalleled precision.

Printing cylinders serve as the foundation of flexo printing machines, also known as plate cylinders. These cylinders are meticulously manufactured to the highest precision, adhering to the manufacturer’s specifications for each specific machine.

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Maximum precision

Crafted from aluminum, these cylinders undergo a precision finishing process that guarantees concentricity tolerances of less than 6 µm (0.006 mm).

Exceptional durability

Our cylinders are constructed with precision bearings and high-strength materials, ensuring outstanding reliability and durability.

Effortless positioning

The installation process is straightforward, primarily due to the lightweight nature of our impression cylinders, including the larger ones.

Fully customized for each customer and project

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Our flagship high-precision multi-stations Rotary Die Cutting (RDC) machines have served manufacturing customers with excellence in diverse industries. Today, HOACO is the unrivaled top supplier of rotary die cutting machines domestically in China, while gaining customers rapidly overseas.

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