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Anvil Rolls

Attain the utmost quality and precision in concentricity.
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Operate with unparalleled precision

Our Anvil Rolls are meticulously engineered with hardened rollers, exceeding 62 HRC in hardness. We have developed core designs and durable surface options that significantly improve performance and extend the lifespan of the rolls.

Achieve optimal results

Unparalleled precision

Through the utilization of high-quality materials, we are able to achieve a thickness of 62 +/- 2 HRC, a precision of less than 3µm, and a cylindricity of less than 3µm.

100% flexibility and compatibility

The base cylinders are entirely tailored to the specific requirements of each job and customer, ensuring a completely customized solution.

Exceptional quality

Every product undergoes rigorous quality controls and is thoroughly tested on the relevant materials prior to being delivered to the customer.

Superior performance

The combination of advanced technology and rigorous quality control ensures consistent, efficient, and optimal utilization of the flexible dies.

Fully customized for each customer and project

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Our flagship high-precision multi-stations Rotary Die Cutting (RDC) machines have served manufacturing customers with excellence in diverse industries. Today, HOACO is the unrivaled top supplier of rotary die cutting machines domestically in China, while gaining customers rapidly overseas.

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