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Magnetic Cylinders

Our magnetic cylinders are meticulously customized to meet your exact specifications, ensuring the attainment of the highest quality in die cutting.
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Ensuring accurate and efficient results.

Our primary focus is on achieving the highest level of quality. These magnetic cylinders are designed to operate with utmost precision and crafted from stainless steel to ensure resistance against corrosion.

Offer a range of advantages that make them fully adaptable to all your projects.

Magnetic Cylinder by Hoaco

Maximum precision

By manufacturing magnetic cylinders with precise tolerances, we ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision in the cutting process.

100% adaptable

In the case of specialized projects and smaller diameters, we have the capability to construct cylinders with enhanced neodymium magnets for increased magnetic strength.

Best quality

To ensure the utmost quality, we provide comprehensive services including maintenance, repair, and redesign for magnetic cylinders.

Higher performance

The utilization of hardened steel bearers, exceeding 60 HRC, guarantees long-term performance without any issues, ensuring trouble-free operation of the cylinders.

Fully customized for each customer and project

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Our flagship high-precision multi-stations Rotary Die Cutting (RDC) machines have served manufacturing customers with excellence in diverse industries. Today, HOACO is the unrivaled top supplier of rotary die cutting machines domestically in China, while gaining customers rapidly overseas.

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